Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rahman Hits - May Madham Songs

1. Aadipaaru -
2. En Mel Vizhuntha -
3. Madrasa Suthi -
4. Margazhi Poove -
5. Minnalae -
6. Palakkattu -

Friday, October 30, 2009

Iruvar Songs - Rahman Hits

Songs List

1. Hello Mister -
2. Kannai Kattikolla -
3. Narumugaiye -
4. Poo Kodiyin -
5. Udal Mannukku Uyir -
6. Unnodu Naan -
7. Vennilaa Vennilaa -


Iruvar is the tale of two men - Selvam, the poet and rising politician and Anandan, a budding actor. This friendship saw, with the rhetoric of the former and the popularity of the latter, the birth of an alliance which politically took the State by storm. And yet, it was the same politics that drove them apart; a separation that was politically permanent.

It was a time when the country was in the turmoil of the Independence struggle. The exuberance
in the wake of independence saw the emergence of new regional political parties, the fight for democracy at the regional level and the birth of a rationalistic party for the suppressed and downtrodden, addressing itself solely at the grass-root level. Cinema yet in its infancy, was recognized as a medium to reach a wider spectrum, and utilized to propagate political consciousness and party ideologies. Thus the bond between the cinema and politics was forged. But slowly the emphasis shifted and cinema soon became a medium for the political game.

In such a scenario do Anandan and Selvam meets Anandan is to play the hero of a film of which Selvam is the writer. An instant rapport is struck, both young, full of dreams an, lofty ideals, basking in the glow of the nation's new-found freedom. Both rise in their respective fields, Anandan becoming an icon, with an image as the Messiah of the downtrodden, and Selvam a powerful orator of grand stature, following the Party's spearhead.

When Anandan decides to join politics, Selvam is encouraging, but is also the first to question his motives. Thus begin the competition and acts of one-upmanship, each wary of the other, ever watchful, though on the outside still maintaining the bonhomie; layers of love and hate mingling, making their relationship difficult to fathom. Both grow and grow apart.

Anandan leaves the party, forms a new one and comes to power. The passing years - five decades - witnesses each one trying to out do the other; their struggle for power, the ego superceding their friendship and their dreams. This stark, complex intriguing, relationship continues till the end. Despite lost friendships and brotherhood, in Selvam's elegy to Anandan, despite the rhetoric, the poet?s admiration for his former comrade shines through.

Are they the same two who, with lofty ideals, a dream in their eyes, heart full of hope, marched forward to conquer the world? Those dreams and ideals; where are they?


Anandan - Mohanlal
Selvam - Prakash Raj
Pushpa/Kalpana - Aishwarya Rai
Senthamarai - Tabu
Ramani - Gautami
Maragatham - Revathy
Ayya Veluthambi - Nasser
Madhivanan - Rajesh
Nambi - Delhi Ganesh


Cinematography - Santhosh Sivan
Music - A R Rahman
Choreography - Brinda
Art - Sameer Chanda
Editing - Suresh URS
Lyrics - Vairamuthu
Dialogue - Suhasini
Producers - Mani Ratnam, G. Srinivasan
Story, Direction - Mani Ratnam

Director's Note

Iruvar (The Duo) is a work of fiction relating a particular age and select events in the history of Tamil Nadu , a state in south India, and therefore has definite shades of reality.

Tamil Nadu, has a uniqueness all its own. It is the rare phenomenon of cinema and politics so closely wedded to each other that, given the scenario of artistes becoming Chief Ministers and being at the helm for the last 30 years, it is difficult to perceive cinema and politics as independent entities.
The politician, recognized cinema as a rapidly growing medium in mass entertainment, and fully utilized it to help political parties bring their ideologies closer to the masses, and through the popularity of their idols, win elections and seats of power.

The actors in turn used politics as a launching pad to stardom and furthered their own cause to convert their reel image to real life. This mutual dependence exists even today. The Duo has used this unusual alliance between Cinema and Politics, as its backdrop.

Alaipayuthey - Rahman Hits

1. Alai Payuthey Kanna -
2. Endrendrum Punnagai -
3. Eveno Oruvan -
4. Kadhal Sadugudu -
5. Mangalyam Thanthunane -
6. Pachai Niramey -
7. Snehidhane Snehidha -
8. September Madham -


Karthik comes to the railway station to pick up his wife, Sakthi coming back from work. It is late. She is not on her regular train, but she has already left the hospital. He sits down on a bench and waits for her.

Two Years Earlier...
Karthik, a fresh Computer Engineering graduate, meets Sakthi, a medical student, at a wedding. Their subsequent meetings on suburban trains gradually lead them to fall in love. Karthik's father Varadarajan, a lawyer approaches Sakthi's father Selvaraj, a railway employee with a marriage proposal. Their egos clash and the marriage is called off. Since Sakthi is unwilling to marry Karthik without their families? consent, the two part ways.

As their separation becomes unbearable, Karthik seeks out Sakthi and they decide to get married secretly but continue to live in their respective homes until their families can be informed. Sakthi's elder sister Poorni and Karthik's friends help them get married legally. Once the marriage is completed, they return to their homes and continue to meet clandestinely.

During a marriage proposal for Poorni, the groom Raghu's father offers his second son in marriage to Sakthi. When her mother Saroja insists that Sakthi accept this offer, Sakthi reveals the truth about her marriage to Karthik. Poorni's engagement is broken and both Sakthi and Karthik are thrown out of their homes.

With the help of their friends, K.arthik and Sakthi move into a half-finished flat. But as time goes by, they realize that marital path is not strewn with roses. They begin to have small tiffs for things that they used to be extremely tolerant of before marriage.

At this point, Sakthi learns from her mother that her father is bedridden. She wants to go with Karthik and see him. So Karthik reluctantly accompanies her to her parents? house, only to learn that her father has died. This makes their relationship worse, with each one bearing the guilt for the turn of events
Karthik decides to take the responsibility of fixing Poorni's stopped marriage. He arranges a meeting between Raghu and Poorni without telling them about it. The meeting misfires and he is blamed for it but gradually they start liking each other. By now, Karthik and Sakthi have not spoken to each other for sometime. He wants Poorni's marriage to get confirmed before informing Sakthi. Poorni also wants to tell Sakthi the good news herself. As she hugs Karthik, Sakthi sees them together from a distance and mistakes their physical closeness. This leads to a bigger argument between Karthik and Sakthi, which ends nastily with both of them insulting each other.

When Sakthi learns about Karthik's attempts in bringing Poorni and Raghu together, she is touched and wants to thank him immediately. Karthik, at the same time, gets a long overdue contract that is going to give his career a jump start. He rushes to the railway station to meet her coming back from work. But she is not to be seen. Where is Sakthi?



Direction - Mani Ratnam
Music - A. R. Rahman
Cinematography - P.C. Sreeram
Producer - G. Srinivasan
Lyrics - Vairamuthu
Editing - Sreekar Prasad
Audiography - A.S. Lakshmi Narayanan
DTS 6-track Mix - H. Sridhar
Choreography - Farah Khan
Story - R. Selvaraj, Mani Ratnam
Art Direction - Raghavan

Yogi Songs - Yuvan Hits (New Release)

1. Seermegum Koo -
2. Theme Saarangi -
3. Yaarodu Yaaro -
4. Yogi Instrumental -
5. Yogi Theme Music -
6. Yogi Yogithaan -

Rahman Hits Songs - Kadhal Dhesam

1. Ennai Kanavillaiye -
2. Hello Doctor -
3. Kalluri Saalai -
4. Mustafa Musta -
5. Oh Vennilia Iru -
6. Thenralae -

Rahman Hits Songs - Jodhaa Akbar

1. Azeem-O-Shaan -
2. Ithayam Idam -
3. Khwaja -Instru -
4. Khwaja Mere -
5. Mann Mohanaa -
6. Mulumathy - Flute -
7. Mulumathy Ava -

Rahman Hits - Dhesam

1. Kaviriya -
2. Kettena -
3. Mazhai Megha -
4. Mazhai Megha Instru -
5. Thai Sonna -
6. Thenana Munana -
7. Unnai Kelai -
8. Unthan Instru -
9. Unthan Dhesathin -

A. R. Rahman - Connections Album

1. Himalaya -
2. Jiya Se Jiya -
3. Kural -
4. Mann Chandre -
5. Mosquito -
6. Mylapore Blues -
7. Silent Invocation I -
8. Silent Invocation II -
9. Silent Invocation III -

Bombay Jayashree Collections

Subramaniya Bharathiyar Songs

1. Agni Kunchonru (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
2. Kakkai Chirakiniley (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
3. Manathil Uruthi (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
4. Mazhai Kattru (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
5. Nallathor Veenai (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
6. Ninnai Charan (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
7. Sutrum Vizhi (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
8. Thikkugal Ettum (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
9. Uyire (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
10. Varuvai Vaa (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
11. Etthanai Kodi (Ragam - Bhairavi) -
12. Mannum Engal (Ragam - Bhairavi -